Mini Wet-Bag

Mini Wet-Bag


Available Designs: Hibiscus ~ Aztec Pink (Tropical Due Back Mid-April)

Mini Wet Bags are small waterproof storage bags, purposely designed to store used cloth wipes, cloth pads, breast pads & other smaller items when out-and-about, or when not wishing to use our larger Wet bags. .

Easy to use, with single zipper for moisture and smell containment, with a handy wrist strap.

Beautiful designer prints make this bag a unique and handy travel component.

Size: 20cm W x 15cm H

MINI WETBAGS: $9.90 (Incl. GST)


Care & Washing Instructions:

We recommend washing all items before use, to remove any manufacturing residues.

Due to the nature of PUL, we recommend washing your wet-bags on a cold-warm machine wash (30-60 degrees Maximum).

It is recommended to turn your wet-bag inside out for soiled bags to achieve a good wash inside.

Sun or Air dry is recommended- we do not recommend Tumble-drying due to the nature of PUL.

Wash Bags can be washed with other items, with the recommended amount of detergent as per your load size.

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