Customer REviews


Loving the nappies by the way! They are SO much easier than any other brands we have tried to use before and we have finally settled into the perfect wash routine! I'm also loving your Instagram! I'm trying to minimise my waste production and it's good to have regular inspiration, like yourself to keep me on track! Thanks, Mel.

-M.G. QLD, Australia


BEST NAPPY I'VE EVER USED!!! Apart from fabulously environmentally friendly and minimalist, Bare + Boho nappies never let me down! I haven't had a single leak or poo explosion since using these nappies. They are very versatile with the use of inserts. I am so happy to have found Bare + Boho!
Very happy mama right here!

-E.K.L. Australia


For those of you who know me, Dakota is baby number 4 for me, and I have tried cloth diapers before and failed miserably! They were always bulky, kids got rashes, they always leaked, too much hassle to clean, you need a million and I still had to wash every day!! Too much effort honestly.

B+B is not only completely gorgeous but also affordable, functional, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to use outside of the house! What more can you ask for?!?

The snap-lock-system makes the nappies so easy to use and reduces washing as I only have to wash the nappy insert each change, not the whole thing! And if we do have a spill over the liner onto the shell (which so far is very rare), a quick wipe over with a wipe and its good to use again, and added bonus, hasn't been a rash in sight!!

We live in 40+ degree heat weather and I was very concerned cloth diapers would be too hot, but "touch wood" so far so good!

I've also started using Swim nappy, AH-MAZING!

And also for me, the reusable breast pads. They have been wonderful, super soft, super absorbent and look gorgeous.

So overall, if you've read this far, it's safe to say, I love this brand or reusable items and would highly recommend them if this is a path you would like to try for your little one! xo

-S.J. Australia


I love, love, love the Mama Eco Yoga Mat! I use it all the time and take it with me whenever we go to the park. It's a great play mat for my baby who is just learning to crawl. It feels so luxurious!! This is my favourite mama/baby product! Recently I lost the carry bag and Jordan at Bare+Boho was so quick to organise a replacement for me. Thank you so much Jordan!!

-A.N. Australia


I have been considering swapping to cloth nappies for a little while and spent some time reading about them online. This was when I stumbled across ‘Bare and Boho’ on YouTube and Jordan’s genius minimalist design. I knew straight away it was the kind of cloth nappy system I would get on with as it was so simple. The hemp material is wonderful too and boosters ideal for overnight sleeps. I have been very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone thinking about switching to cloth or a different type of cloth nappy. Plus, the lovely designs look very cute on my baby girl.

-A.M. England


Fantastic Cloth Nappies! I used a variety of Cloth nappies with my son for 2 years with varying satisfaction, and I am now using Bare +Boho nappies for my daughter and love, love them. So easy. Less washing (don't have to wash the shell each nappy change)!!! Gorgeous design and fit! And no leaks!!! In addition I bought the sea grass basket which is beautiful and big. The Paper Bag Nappy Bag is divine, pockets make it easy and accessible and I get so many comments on how beautiful it is! Service was smooth and fast.

-C.C. Australia


I absolutely adore the Bare + Boho products. I first came across them when I saw Jordan's video about only using 2 nappies for her son's entire nappy journey. I decided then I must have these nappies! Absolutely adore the patterns, the ease of the inserts and boosters, I have now gone absolutely full time with my cloth nappies! And will never look back. It's a bit more of a challenge with a newborn, but I have worked my way through getting the right fit for my 5 month old, and now we have no leaks or issues with using cloth at all. Still haven't quite got my husband used to them, but I'm happy changing her for now.
I also ordered the nappy bag, and it is sooo gorgeous, I love the pockets to put specific items in, and the fact that it's a gender neutral colour, so hubby won't be embarrassed if he has to carry it for a moment.
Your products are amazing! I can't wait to have more!
Thank you so much!

-A.C. New Zealand


I am in love with the cloth pads I have just used them for the first time, they are soft and comfortable, absorbent and I didn't find them messy or hard to clean and they look brand new again! I highly recommend this product and find it a great step in the right direction for using healthy products on our body and keeping our environment pollution down xxx

-E.J. Australia


Used our bare and boho sWIM nappy today and i am in love! Ive used many brands over the years and none have fitted as perfectly as this one. My daughter is only 2months old therefore poops alllll the time, happy to report NO LEAKAGE! #HappyMumma

-S.J. Australia


I recently purchased a trial pack of the beautiful nappies and I absolutely love them! They fit so snugly without being too tight, the material of the nappies are so soft but super easy to wipe down and clean, inserts are easy to snap in place and fit to bub. I wish I had known about them sooner as I would exclusively use these over any others I own in my stash! Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

-S.M. New Zealand


I have been using the nappy shells with some general bamboo and microfiber inserts and am absolutely in love! Beforehand I was using various brands of MCNs and having constant leaks no matter what I did and was having to use disposables for all sleeps. My little one now has nearly 3 hour morning sleeps without any leakage, even when he rolls onto his belly! They have also cut out that extra need of stuffing the nappies every few days. Thank you so much and I definitely recommend these for anyone wanting to try them out! Can't wait to get some hemp inserts to try the whole bundle together.

-S.B. Australia


I bought a pack for my 10mth old son and so far I LOVE them. Love the fit. Love the inserts. Love the stretchiness of the cover. Love the double gussets. They’re SO trim! Jordan is FABULOUS and the customer service is EXCELLENT. She goes above and beyond. Overall 10/10 nappy. Hope to buy more soon.

-L.D. New Zealand


I am so so wrapped with our cloth nappies! So a huge thankyou to you Jordan!
Initially I was a little hesitant to go cloth for as a first time mum I was worried about the extra work along with all the other tasks required in the day of a mummy.
But it really has been such a smooth and effortless transition!
And I have literally calculated how many nappies I will be saving the planet from over the next year.
The big catalyst for us to make the change was my daughter having a terrible UTI that over many months we have not be able to clear up.
Though there have been other factors involved I am convinced that these wonderful hemp nappies are making a difference.
The thing I noticed in the first 24hrs was that my daughters soiled nappies didn't have a strong odour like they did with the disposables, which I now attribute to all the nasty chemicals.
I feel like I am doing the best I can for her by having her in these nappies.
She is a much happier kid.
And she looks totally adorable in the beautiful prints!
My only regret is not buying the slightly bigger bundle.
I can not recommend these nappies more highly, and feel so fortunate to have come across Bare and Boho on facebook.

-H.T. Australia


Love my nappy bag I got from you! Surprisingly it’s so strong and so easy to access everything, and I’ve been through so many bags and this one by far is the best, so many pockets and very big although I’m not sure how I clean it lol but I love it!

-N.S. Australia


I've been using their nappy shells, night boosters and panty-liners for a month or so, and it's been great.
Nappy shells are absolutely waterproof, my daughter sleeps with the night booster (and an extra cloth I have) through a night without leak.
I only bought two each to see how they work, and want to buy more now!
Highly recommend.

-H.C. Australia


Can't say how much I love Bare and Boho nappies . The shells are soft and easy to clean, only requiring a few shells for entire stash is amazing and such gorgeous designs . Inserts highly absorbing hemp and ease of use is refreshing in comparison to some expensive and more complicated cloth nappies . No leaks despite using on 6-week old is amazing and OSFM design is snug and will last until Bub fully grown .
Saving the best til last the price of these products is outstanding when compared to many other popular and expensive MCN’s, excellent value and quality for money and for people on a smaller budget ideal . I am looking forward to getting more inserts to complete my collection. Cannot wait to try the women's liners and talk hubby into the B & B nappy bag made from recycled paper and natural fibres. Love this Eco friendly brand.

-L.J. Australia


Absolutely love my tropical yoga pants and bra they are unbelievably comfortable. Not only have a done my daily yoga practice plus daily cleaning and lounged around reading a book wearing them they are still comfortable and make me feel like a goddess. Thank you so much

-S.H. Australia


Omg where have these nappies been my whole life. Such an easy to use system and perfect for a small home with a lack of storage. These fit both my 3yr old and 8mth old. Thank you for this amazing product.

-M.M. Australia


I cannot believe how much less laundry I'm doing since we got the Bare + Boho nappies! We've gone from months of multiple full loads of clothes and cloth nappies a day (due to constant leaks around the legs) to just ONE LOAD, if that! Not to mention just how gorgeous the shells are and how soft and absorbent the inserts! Thank you, thank you for creating such an amazing product!

-K.K. Australia


Wow if you’re after cloth nappies these are the way to go, love, love, love them!

-T.G. Australia


A D O R E everything about this beautiful store!!!! The quality of the stuff + the quality of the service is the BEST ... adore, adore, adore ... I want everything ! xxx

-E.G. Australia


Love my yoga bra and the tea! Such beautiful products. thanks so much!

-J.H. Australia