Thank you, for stumbling into our world.

One where bare basic minimalism combines with the freedom of the bohemian lifestyle, to offer you an inspired range of eco-friendly, health and wellbeing products for you and your little one.

We welcome you to explore our humble space designed for all women, to empower, enlighten, renew and rejuvenate your mind and body by honouring your body temple, honouring our Earth and nurturing freedom of spirit.

My name is Jordie, and I feel abundantly blessed to be journeying through motherhood with my little son and closest friend- Hunter -at my side.

Birthing, nurturing and nourishing my child, has truly revived my sense of purpose and renewed my perspective.

Each step of the journey so far, has been an awakening of my mind, body and spirit, as I uncover layers of myself, my son, and the world around me.

The journey of discovery and the desire to continue learning is a responsibility we hold as caretakers of the future generation.

But I never would have thought, that it would have been my son and his innocent wisdom, from whom I learnt the most and from which I gained the highest of education.

Hunter is my inspiration and motivation to seek truth and live consciously. Being his mother encourages me to uncover all the aspects of myself and this world that deserve respect, require healing and need further attention.

As a mother, but more importantly as a woman, the journey ahead wonโ€™t always be smooth. However keeping in mind the purpose our bodies were created to fulfill, and the ability we hold to guide and be guided by our children, is a journey I would never want to miss.

Each day I rise, with the challenge in mind, to better my own understanding of the world around me, to be be kinder, to live more compassionately, and to love more openly, for the sake of my son and for the sake of the Earth of which one day he will inherit.

Mothers, we are not alone on this journey, and we are not alone in our abundant love for our little people. I hope this little space and our products, will inspire you to also adventure into the realms of sustainability, cruelty-free and conscious living, for our children, our health and our world.

Peace and love,

Jordie + Hunter xo