Our Manufacturing Process & Heavy Metal Testing


Dear Mamas ❤️ 

Some of you may know we started out with humble beginnings in Townsville, North QLD, designing and working with a local seamstress.

However we could never have maintained keeping up with demand this way, and after extensive research into Australian manufacturing options and the lack thereof, sourced out our wonderful ETHICAL manufacturing team abroad. 🙌

China produces most of the Modern Cloth Nappies for leading brands, and it was important for us to find a team we could rely and trust, but also have confirmation everything was above-board & ethical. (So ABSOLUTELY NO SWEATSHOPS!)🙅

Our manufacturing team is petite, mainly mums themselves, and they work a standard 8 hour day, and are guaranteed 20% higher wage than the local average. We maintain good relations with our team, and we are constantly communicating as we expand and develop our range. 

As most of our customers already know, we receive shipments every 6-8 weeks of stock, because this means we are able to produce stock ethically without enforcing unrealistic demands. 👌

We are SO appreciative of the patience our customers have shown, as we do want to keep manufacturing ethical, quality-controlled & support local groups rather than huge standardised factories. 🙏


We are also so proud to announce, results have returned as a NIL to heavy metal detection for the fabrics used in our products. As certified by the China Testing International under the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA).


This is very important to us, and of course to the health of your little one!


We do always recommend washing all products before use, because there are factory residues, dust etc generally on the items, so it is always nice to clean before exposing bub to the items.


Please see some pictures of our manufacturing facility attached. Xo

Jordan Mcgregor