FAQ About the NEW features of our Nappies!

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Here are a few we have received from mums about our Nappies & the NEW FEATURES WE NOW OFFER!





1) MINI vs OSFM:

Our Mini Collection is designed to fit Newborns very well those first couple of months, as well as premature babies. They range 2-5kg so provide a better fit for generally the first 2-3 months depending on the weight of your baby. They have their own Hemp Inserts that are designed for newborn bottoms, rather than being as bulky as our OSFM which can be very big in a newborn, and seem to fit best from about 5kg, which for most bubs is 1-3 months Post birth. Although I do have some mums who birthed bigger babies and the OSFM fitted from birth on the smallest setting. So it it entirely up to you and also depends if the investment will be worth it, such a small if you plan on having more children to use them with, that way having a few newborn nappies in your stash would be helpful.

Our most popular bundle seems to be:

MINI TRIAL PACK (2 MINI Shells + 10 MINI Inserts) bundled with a OSFM TRIAL/ULTIMATE Pack.

I find most mums who buy a OSFM Trial Oack do come back and order more Inserts, and even Shells, hence the Ultimate Pack seems to cater long term.

Alternatively if you choose to go OSFM from birth which is another popular choice by my customers, The SUPER SAVER Is best value for money offering a large stash size to cover newborn to toddler.



So snaps are the popular choice among mums because they tend to be more durable long term. However Velcro is easier to use, particularly for grandparents/dads etc seem to roefer this option rather than fussing with the snaps. Velcro does give a more personal fit as you can size it however you wish, whereas the snaps are set in place and so you need to fit according to the snaps. But a popular choice appears to be having majority in your stash featuring Snaps, with one or two featuring Velcro.



This is another completely personal choice and generally it is a decision Mums come to after trialling a few different fabrics they tend to choose one or the other. Hemp is my favourite due to being 100% natural and unprocessed fabric that is grown organically and is completely sustainable plant. It is also the absorbent fabric as it is a heavy fabric. This does however mean it takes longer to dry which isn't ideal for those who live in colder areas or during winter time, and also they tend to hold onto smell a bit Marie due to being such a dense fibre, and hence need a longer washing time. But apart from that hemp is a popular choice and a preference among many mums. 

Bamboo is generally a cheaper option which does impact on decision making, and although stems from a natural source being the bamboo plant, it does undergo extensive processing to convert to a fibre so it is not a natural fibre, yet more Eco than synthetics of course. Our Bamboo Inserts are blended with cotton, so there are no added synthetic blends. Bamboo-Cotton does also make for an absorbent fabric and is orobably the most popular choice across brands as it is cheaper and efficient. Bamboo also retains softness as opposed to Hemp which because it is such a dense fibre, can feel more stiff. Once again completely personal preference, and we do offer with our bundle packs the chance to mix up your stash with bamboo and Hemp.

I hope you find this helpful! There is more information available on our website under each product description too, possibly worth checking out! 

Our XMAS SALE offers 10% off storewide until Dec 1st, but of course there is no rush- it is nice to ponder options & any further queries please don't hesitate to send through!

Hope you all have a wonderful Week!


Jordan Mcgregor