bare + boho


Nurture free spirit

Nourish Body temple

Honour Sacred Earth


bare + boho are inspired by the beauty of the mother-baby bond, and are humbled and motivated by the inner wisdom that emerges from our little ones. We are passionate about nurturing free spirit and cultivating consciousness for mother and baby.

bare + boho creates organic and eco-friendly products designed to keep things minimal when it comes to nurturing your baby, your body and our Earth. We aim to provide solutions that are beautiful, honest and luxurious.

bare + boho products are designed in Australia by an Australian mother who understands the sacredness of motherhood, the strength and vulnerability of the feminine body temple and the importance of nurturing the health of our little ones.

bare + boho hopes to empower a culture of conscious parenting, because we believe being conscious of the little things, can make a BIG difference for our children’s health and the health of our beautiful Earth.