Raw Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate is a staple in our home; we just cannot get enough! And I don’t mean the commercial brands we all grew up worshiping, I am referring to the bittersweet, rich and aromatic chocolate made simply using the most pure of raw organic ingredients. The type of chocolate one could eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, without guilt and without shame. Chocolate that should be classified as a “super-food” rather than a sweet treat.

My relationship with chocolate changed when I awakened to veganism. It was almost like my taste-buds understood my emotional and ethical changes, and instantaneously began craving the dark-bitterness of vegan chocolate. And I have never looked back.

Raising my son, I have always wanted him to not feel left out, particularly as we begin to be influenced by the festivities in the community, such as Easter, Christmas, Birthdays etc. SO finding and making recipes that are delicious AND ethically and environmentally supportive, is up there on my priority list.

I love scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for raw vegan and baked vegan goodies. I love trying new things! But I abhor complex recipes that use hard to source ingredients, or that take longer than my son’s nap-time, to create!

So my philosophy with food is- simple, minimal, ethical, and for the most part- sweet! I will prioritise dessert over dinner any day of the week!

This year my son began noticing the brightly coloured, foil-wrapped Easter treats in the supermarket and the Easter Bunny posters sprinkled throughout public places. So it got me thinking about what Easter will be like for us in the future, and how we will go about maintaining balance between ethics and festivities.

So beginning the process of imprinting values and traditions in the heart of my son, needs to start early I believe. My hope is for him to be able to appreciate the flavour, as equally as the ideals behind the way we eat and the foods we enjoy.

So we won’t abandon festivities, if that is what he wishes to celebrate, but we will ensure our values are not compromised in the process. My hope is that he will find solace in the reasoning behind the choices we make as a family, and feel comfortable enjoying the way we do things.

So as a tribute to the vegan festivities to be enjoyed in our near future with our growing, I thought this year is as good as any, to perfect the basic raw vegan chocolate formula. And I really love what we came up with!

Using three basic ingredients, easily sourced- I believe the varieties branching off from this basic formula are endless!

But for now, I’ll share what we have fallen in love with, and how easy it is for you to create at home!


½ c Organic Raw Cacao (Fair Trade and Sustainably Farmed)

¼ c – ½ c Organic Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil (Depending on thickness desired)

¼ c Organic Maple Syrup

Blend all. (Ensuring the coconut oil is melted before doing so.)

Add extra oil as needed to form the texture desired. (Eg. Ganache will be thicker versus Chocolate sauce for drizzling which will be runnier).

Pour into moulds or baking tray.

Chill 10-20 minutes until hardened.

Remove from moulds or tray.


Some options for delicious varieties:

1)   Add tbsp Organic Vanilla Essence

2)   Add Sprinkling of crushed Organic Activated Nuts/Seeds

3)   Add sprinkling of Organic Dessicated Coconut

4)   Add sprinkling of Organic Sultanas/dried fruits

5)   Swirl tbsp Organic peanut/Almond Butter through the chocolate

Enjoy! xoxo