Kind Kitchen: My journey to Veganism

My quest for health and vitality has been an ongoing, uphill climb. It has taken me far and wide, through varying degrees of extremes, in the hope I would find and settle on a particular eating plan that would secure me optimum health and happiness.

The journey was long, and there were many hiccups along the way; many times I had fallen off the wagon, and many moments of which I am not proud.

 But I can honestly say, that nothing influenced me more than one moment of enlightenment, when I realized my food journey shouldnโ€™t and couldnโ€™t any longer, be based on my own desire for personal health and what was in MY best interest.

It took me to realize and appreciate the deep and terribly dark interconnection between what I was consuming, and the personal impact I was making with every mouthful, in relation to the environment and the animals of which I have always proclaimed myself an avid lover.

The moment I awakened, things became clear, and the winding path of which I had travelled for many years, finally came to a halt. Now, the road ahead is clear, it is straight and it is narrow. For the first time, peace, purpose and passion have become the driving force behind my renewed food journey, and I look forward to each day, as I wonder where my adventure may lead me.

With my baby by my side, and hope in my heart, I remain motivated to seek truth and be inspired to live a life of kindness. I may fail and fall short along the way, but I will show my child, that I am doing my best with the knowledge I gain to choose compassion.

Our feastings are full of colour, full of life and full of love. Our rainbow plates of plant-based organic produce and sprouted and fermented goodies, produce satisfied bellies and peaceful minds. Our bodies are thankful and our heads are clear, and we are ready to tackle whatever is ahead.

It may come as a surprise to say, but my son was not my inspiration to leave rape, slaughter and exploitation off our plates, but he is certainly my motivation to continue along this path.

The generation we are raising will have access to more information and more truth than ever before, but they will also have more problems and more destruction to overcome too. So with each little one we bring into this world, there is a new hope created for a better world, one where compassion and empathy rule their little hearts, and sustainability and cooperation rule their minds.