Crunchy Chocolate Slice (Vegan + Sugar Free)

I love having a little person for whom to bake! It is so much more fun! I still end up eating most of the delights, however watching my son's little face light up when he holds a yummy goodie in his hands, is so adorable!

My mum (Hunter's grandma), always baked yummy treats for us growing up, and I have so many fond memories of some of her favourites. However, transitioning to veganism, and with my son on a plant-based diet, it has meant the old-fashioned favourites of my childhood need to be switched up for healthy but just as delicious delights!

So I am very thankful for my mum making the effort to bake kind treats with us in mind, and even has loved the switch herself from using butter, dairy, cream and eggs- all of which are staples in many treats- to instead use coconut oil, non-dairy milks such as almond milk, and finding amazing recipes that don't require eggs.

Anyone with little people around, know easy snacks at the ready are always handy! So we tried a couple of delicious vegan slices, perfect for tiny-toddler-hands and fatigued mummies who need a pick-me-up during their busy days!

Sending love & strength to all the mamas and bubs! xo Enjoy!

Crunchy Chocolate Slice


1/8 cup chopped Raw Almonds (Soaked overnight to Activate them is best!)

1/2 cup Organic Rolled Oats

1/8 cup Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

2 heaped Tablespoons Organic Raw Cacao Powder

1/8 cup Crispy Puffed Rice

1/8 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

1/4 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt

1/2 cup Organic Maple Syrup

1/4 cup Organic Nut Butter (Smooth)

2 teaspoons Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract


Preheat oven to 160 degrees. Lightly oil your baking pan. Spread chopped almond over the pan and roast for 6-9 minutes until some show golden spots. Transfer to plate and cool.

Stir in bowl- cacao powder, oats, rice, cacao nibs, coconut, salt.

In small pot, stir- maple syrup, nut butter, coconut oil- until combined. Bring the mixture to low simmer over low heat, stirring carefully. Remove and stir in vanilla.

Add toasted almonds to dry ingredients & stir. Immediately pour wet ingredients over dry, and stir until fully coated.

Scoop mixture into pan and spread evenly with hands. If you have a rolling pin, this can help to smooth it out in pan, or use hands to press down firmly. Press into the edges of the pan to create straight edging.

Cool in freezer for 10-15 minutes until completely firm. Slice evenly and enjoy!