Modern Cloth Nappy Washing Tips!

 Modern Cloth Nappy Washing Tips!

Washing Instructions:

1.     Shake then flush solids down the toilet if needed. Optional: Hand rinse to remove any excess.

2.     If using Disposable bamboo liners, remove the waste and flush down toilet, disposing of the liner in your Compost or garbage.

3.     Place soiled insert in a dry bucket (no soaking necessary) until ready to wash. 

4.     Short Pre Rinse Cycle - COLD or WARM to remove any solids or excess urine prior to main wash (No detergent).

5.     Normal length WARM, LONG or HEAVY cycle (Max 30 degrees) with detergent. Can be washed with family washing.

6.     Line dry or tumble dry inserts only on LOW.

Pre-Washing Information:

·      Inserts consisting of natural fibers, such as Hemp, require pre-washing to increase absorbency. They can be used beforehand, but are most absorbent once pre-washing has occurred, minimum 4-6 washes.

·      Pre-washing: Simply wash hemp inserts in a normal cycle 3 - 5 times. (Detergent needed for first cycle only). Don’t dry in between washes. Once washed, allow to completely dry and then they are ready for use.

·      Slight shrinkage with the hemp inserts may occur due to the all-natural fibers when they are wet. So once you have pulled them from the washing machine wet, give them a good stretch at the ends and the side gussets so they can dry to your desired shape when on the line.  They will shrink to correct length needed for the shell snap sockets though.

Extra Washing Information:

-        Washing nappies with other items such as clothing is perfectly fine. Just add other items after the pre-rinse cycle has completed.

-        Detergent: “If you can put it on your garden you can put it on your nappies” is the best motto. Avoid highly perfumed or acidic detergents containing citrus or phosphates.

-        Industry standards state using amount of detergent listed on the detergent packaging for your load size and machine type used.

-        Do not use any detergents containing fabric softeners, optical brighteners or bleach as these can break down natural fibers or can leave residue on the insert and reduce absorption. 

-        Do not use nappy balms or creams containing zinc or petroleum unless using a disBamboo liner over the Insert, as these balms will result in residue sticking to the inserts and will reduce absorption.

-    No Tumble-dry for Nappy Shells

-        Do not soak nappies in any solutions such as those containing chlorine or bleach as this will affect lifespan and absorption.

-        Drying in sunlight is the most economical and environmentally conscious option, and also aids to eliminate bacteria and will naturally bleach stains. Avoid leaving too long in direct sunlight once dry, as elastic and fabric may become stiff.

-        Line hanging: Avoid too much stress on the leg elastics when drying the shell. Recommended is draping the nappy shell horizontally over the line.