Questions of the week: MCN



Hi Bare & Boho! I was wondering if your shells can be used with my other Inserts just until stock comes in of your Hemp Inserts?

Hi there! Absolutely- Our shells are great to be used with our own branded inserts as they are specifically designed for the snaps to lock the inserts into place. However you can use them with your personal choice of inserts!

So just disregard the lining snaps and lay your choice of insert into the shell, and when the shell is snapped up securely, the insert shouldn't budge.

You can also use your own inserts coupled with our BOOSTERS of which are currently in stock. Just snap the booster into the lining as per our system, and then lay your insert over the booster. This will provide optimal absorbency!

Hi Jordan! I'm hoping to sell my bamboo inserts and buy yours when they become available. I currently have Bambooty inserts (long). Will they work with your shells or do you recommend selling and buying the hemp inserts? Also, what is the difference between hemp and bamboo? Thanks so much!

Hi There! So I would definitely see how your inserts go with our shells, as they may work! You can even fold and lay the inserts in the shell.

So the difference between hemp and bamboo are based on absorbency, Hemp is more durable and hard wearing, it is a completely natural fiber, unlike Bamboo which is a synthetic blend.

Hemp is grown pesticide free and is extremely sustainable, so it is a great option!

Our Hemp inserts also have side flaps to tuck up around baby's bottom which are super helpful with leaks.

The only thing to consider with Hemp is that when it is wet (when washing) it does shrink slightly, so I always recommend giving it a stretch out when wet so that it dries the right shape. But this is completely normal for 100% natural fibers. Being a natural fiber, it is great against baby's skin!

Hi Jordan! I've noticed we are getting a couple of leaks out the side of the nappy. There still seems to be some dryness left on the insert when I change her, so I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong! Thanks in advance!

Good morning! So as the insert still has room for absorbency (the fact that it is not drenched but the nappy is leaking) will mean that it is just going to be an issue regarding the “fit” of the shell. So in this case, I would trial with varying snap adjustments, as there may be gapping around the thighs.

Sometimes for newborns as their legs can be so skinny those first few weeks, I do recommend adding the booster to help with creating a snugger fit around the bottom, and bulking up the nappy so that the insert lies tighter against her bottom.

Also, if she is a side-sleeper, this can squish the shell and cause gaps around the groin, but in that case it's just a matter of snap adjusting- and then the booster trick can help for a few weeks until she fills it out.

Hope this helps! I promise that as they grow, cloth nappies start fitting MUCH better, and the whole system becomes SO much easier! Newborns are always trickier, and required a lot more effort and fiddling about!

Hi there! I have a tiny newborn, and I seem to be noticing wetness on the nappy shell, just in that little part around the thigh gusseting- Where the insert doesn't seem to touch. What can I do?

Hi There! Great question! Newborns are always a little trickier, as their shapes can be so tiny without the bulk to fit the nappy securely to their little frames.

Our system is designed for long-term use- right up to 2-3 years old! So to have a nappy that would cover that time frame means that the fit may not be as tight when they are in their newborn stage, because the newborn stage is the smallest window of growth- generally a few weeks they have already jumped a few sizes! SO we tailored our system more for the later stages of nappy use which ends up being the majority of nappy using- however we do believe our nappies work just as beautifully for newborns, with a few helpful knacks!

So if you are experiencing wetness around the thighs because the side gussets of the inserts aren’t sitting tightly against her bottom, it will mean she needs an added bulk in the nappy to push the insert closer to her bottom. So this is where our BOOSTERS come in handy! The added bulk of the booster, will push the insert and the insert side flaps tighter around baby’s bottom- creating a more smug fit. Hope this helps! Let me know how you go! Good luck!