Reusable Cloth Pads *Pre-Order*

Reusable Cloth Pads *Pre-Order*

from 8.50

Pre-Orders Open: Due Mid-April

NEW! ORGANIC COTTON featured in all Cloth Pads from April

**Currently in Stock: Heavy/Post-Partum**


Our stunning collection of unique Bamboo-Cotton Modern Cloth Pads encourage women to honour the sacred phase of menstruation in a luxurious, yet conscious manner. Our Pads have been thoughtfully designed to inspire women to embrace the ever-changing body temple, whilst understanding the implications disposable pads and tampons have on our health, our hygiene and the environment.

Our Modern Cloth pads provide a new way of viewing periods, and we believe that during this time, the body temple needs to be nurtured and supported.

Our Cloth pads are the most cost-effective products to use during your cycle, but more importantly, will keep damaging waste out of landfill.

The Cloth Pads are extremely lightweight, soft and durable and provide comfort, whilst offering ultra absorbency.

Our range has been designed to suit all needs and manage various levels of absorbency, including Light, Medium and Heavy Flows.

The Light Flow Pad is designed like a panty-liner, and is super lightweight and suitable for light leaks and daily wear and light post-partum incontinence.

The Medium Flow Pad is suitable for Medium flow and daily use.

The Heavy Flow Pad is suitable for daily use with heavy periods, and are specifically shaped to accommodate for overnight and heavy post-partum bleeding.

Our Cloth Pads consist of a waterproof anti-leak base layer of PUL with wings designed to snap fasten around the base of underwear for security. The inner absorbent layers are made with thirsty microfiber, and then are topped with soft natural Eco Cotton-Bamboo fleece (NEW Organic Cotton Fleece from April 2018).



Light/Pantyliner: $8.50

Medium: $9.50

Heavy Flow/Postpartum/ Incontinence: $10.50



5-Pack Light: $40.00

5-Pack Medium: $45.00

5-Pack Heavy: $50.00



Trial Pack Mixed: $60.00

2 Light + 2 Medium + 2 Heavy + Wetbag

Light Flow: $85.00 (Save $12)

6 Light Pads + 4 Medium Pads (Overnight Use) + Wetbag

Medium Flow: $95.00 (Save $17)

6 Medium Pads + 4 Heavy Pads (Overnight Use) + Wetbag

Heavy Flow: $105.00 (Save $14)

10 Heavy Pads (Day/Overnight Use) + Wetbag


***PLEASE scroll down the page to read WASHING TIPS & other helpful information ****


Cloth Pads:
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Dangers of disposable pads and tampons:

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and is extremely permeable, especially around and inside the vagina. Most products touching the skin will be absorbed within the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. As the average women uses tens of thousands of tampons and pads in their lifetime, the exposure to the danger in disposable feminine products is extreme. Tampons and Pads are considered “medical devices” and hence the ingredients and methods of manufacture are not monitored for internal health and wellbeing.

Disposables consist of dioxins, synthetic fibers, petrochemical additives and various plastic components and webbing. Plasticising chemicals such as BPA and BPS are used, as well as phthalates, odor neutralisers and fragrances. All of these are potentially hazardous, and research has linked these chemicals to various cancers, heart disease, organ failure, embryonic development disruption and disregulate gene expression. Chlorine and other harsh chemicals are used to bleach the fibers, and can create toxic dioxin that I deemed unsafe at any level of exposure.

 These materials create a humid environment, and reduce breathability. These items can alter the vagina’s pH balance by introducing foreign bacteria and absorbing the healthy bacteria.


How much can I save switching to cloth?

Most women will menstruate for approximately 35 years and will use anywhere between 10,000-20,000 feminine hygiene products over that time. So when considering the number of disposable feminine products needing to be purchased over this time, the costs are significant. Our Cloth Pads can last anywhere from 5-10 years depending on use and care. Purchasing a set will cost more to begin with, however you will save thousands over the course of your life.


How to Use:

Our Cloth Pads are designed to mimic disposable pads, so the transition is simple! Simply fasten the wings of your pad around your underwear with either of the 2x snap size options, and change as needed.

Recommended changing is every 2-6 hours depending on your flow.

Once used, simply fold up and snap the button closed, and place in your Mini Wet-bag if out and about, waiting to be washed with your next launder.


Washing Instructions:

Consciously caring for your body temple and honouring the purpose behind your cycle is very liberating, and even the care and washing of your pads can be just as special when recognizing the importance of this particular phase that we experience.

We recommend washing every 1-2 days, and recommend doing a quick rinse cycle through the machine before adding the pads to your general laundry wash. For heavier flows, you may want to soak used pads overnight in water, before the rinse and general washing step.

Do not use hot water as this can set stains, and do not use fabric softener or bleach as this can affect the pad’s absorbency.

Oxygen Bleach can be used safely as an alternative to commercial bleaching.



1.     Place soiled pads in a dry bucket until ready to wash.

2.     Short Pre Rinse Cycle - COLD or WARM to remove excess blood prior to main wash (No detergent).

For Extreme Heavy Flow/Post Partum Bleeding: Optional hand Rinse with cold water to remove excess blood and Immerse pad in soaker bucket 6 hours or overnight for maximum stain removal. Or you may choose to soak in Oxygen Bleach (See our ABODE section for more information on Oxygen Bleach).

3.     Normal length WARM, LONG or HEAVY cycle (Max 30-60 degrees) with detergent. Can be washed with general laundry.

4.     Sun/Line dry is recommended, or tumble dry pads only on LOW. Please ensure pads are completely dried through before reusing or storing away.

Soaker bucket for heavy Flow/Post Partum Bleeding: Simply fill your choice of container with water and a toxin-free, allergen-free, fragrant-free detergent. Natural oils and soaps such as vinegar are recommended. Alternatively soak in Eco Oxygen bleach.



Light Flow/Pantyliner (17cm long x 15cm wingspan)

Medium Flow (25cm long x 19cm wingspan)

Heavy Flow/Overnight/Post-Partum (33cm long x 19cm wingspan)