ECO MAT + Carry Bag

ECO MAT + Carry Bag




The ultimate multi-use Eco-Mat & Australia's first mama-baby yoga mat, is designed to offer a luxurious amount of space for movement for yoga, meditation, play & rest for mama and baby.


The Eco-Mat is circular, with an ECO Biodegradable natural tree rubber base, bonded to a soft 100% Vegan-Suede (Microfibre) top layer that is soft for your little ones, but also optimal for grip and absorption of sweat if using for yoga or meditation.


Featuring stunning custom prints, these mats are innovative and unique, and offer babies and parents the room they need to play, rest, or practice yoga with their little ones by their side.


The Eco-Mat looks stunning as an interior decorative feature in home living spaces or nurseries. These mats can be taken for picnics, play-dates and beach trips, as well as being used solely for Yoga Practice.



Yoga is an extremely beneficial method of movement for women, particularly during pregnancy and post-partum when mama’s body is vulnerable and experiencing unique changes. Stretching and gentle movements aid in releasing tension, relieving joint and muscle pain and help with flexibility.


Extra Details:

Free from: latex, silicone, toxic glue, flame retardant and phthalates.

Includes: Shoulder carry bag

Size: 1.4m Diameter x 3mm Thickness

Weight: Approximately 3 kg

Extras: Zero Odour, non-toxic smell.


WASHING TIPS: Hand wash in Cold Water. To Speed up the drying process, wrap your mat in a towel and squeeze any excess fluids. Line or Sun Dry- Do not Tumble Dry.


Our stunning Sanscrit Collection:

Alpana (White/Green/Gold)

 Rati (Pink/Navy)

Vasundhara (Navy/White)


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