MINI Cloth Nappy Shell (2kg-5kg) *Pre-Order*

MINI Cloth Nappy Shell (2kg-5kg) *Pre-Order*

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NEW: Launching Bamboo-Organic Cotton Inserts in the MINI range (Due End March)


The Bare + Boho Modern Cloth Nappy Collection, is an innovative minimalist nappy system. Designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, this collection has been thoughtfully & ethically created featuring signature designer prints and custom elements.


We found a need to design a MINI Shell suitable for weight ranges between 2kg to 5kg, also suitable for premature babies.


What our Nappies involve:

The MINI Nappy system involves two separate pieces:

1) Outer waterproof MINI shell with SNAPS/VELCRO closure (2-5kg)

2) Organic Hemp OR Bamboo-Organic Cotton MINI Insert with Waterproof PUL Backing to stop leakage onto the shell lining. (2-5kg)


Our MINI Nappy Shells:

The shell consists of a soft durable waterproof outer layer featuring a stunning designer print, and a durable waterproof inner lining that allows for any mess to be easily wiped clean.

The unique waterproof lining means the shell can be reused, lasting numerous nappy changes before washing is required.

Made with light-weight waterproof materials, washing is as simple as a wipe-down, spray down or a rinse under the tap, and drying time is extremely fast.

Featuring double gusseting around the thighs to guard against leakage as well as gusseting at the rear of the nappy to avoid leakage up the back.


The Outer Shell Snap/Velcro Size System:

Involves two options to allow for custom shaping and fit:

1)    Snap-Rise System: Two size settings allowing parents to customize the rise of the nappy to create a longer/shorter nappy- providing a custom fit around bottom and thighs. (These snaps are situated in the lower section of the front of the nappy shell.)

2)    Waist-Snap System/Velcro: Double row of snaps/Velcro strip situated at the waist of the nappy (top of the front of the nappy shell), to allow for personalised fit to baby’s waist size. Overlapping closure feature also available.


How do the nappies work?

1) Adjust the front snap-rise sizing system (Situated at the lower section of the front of the nappy shell) by connecting the various snaps together to suit the length of your baby, providing a snug fit around bottom.

2) Snap the Insert in to the waterproof inner lining.

3) Close nappy, and adjust the waist snaps for a snug and secure fit around waist.

4) Pull leg gussets out around thighs for added comfort.

5) When requiring nappy change, snap out soiled insert and snap clean one in. (Shells are completely waterproof and wipe-able to ensure multiple-use before washing, however you may choose to spray and wipe down/air-dry/wash between use.)


How many do I need?

The amount of supplies needed depends on the frequency parents wish to wash, and whether they have chosen to cloth nappy full-time or part-time.

However we recommend parents wash the nappies every 1-2 days, and potentially daily for newborns as they are needing changing more regularly.

We also recommend as a minimum: 2-8 shells per day/night cycle (shells are easily wiped down between changes), 8-16 inserts per day/night cycle, 2-4 boosters for napping and overnight use per day/night cycle.

***Newborns will require more nappy changes than older babies***



1) Snaps: Hemp ~ Tropical

2) Velcro: Palm Frond ~ Havana ~ Hibiscus


Single Shell: $14.85 (Incl. GST)

Single Hemp Insert: $9.35 (Incl. GST)



Single Set: $22.00 (Incl. GST)

1 Shell + 1 Insert

Double Set: $40.70 (Incl. GST) (Save $7)

2 Shells + 2 Inserts



Basic Bundle: $99.00 (Incl. GST) (Save $32.20)

3 Shells + 9 Organic Inserts

Ultimate Bundle: $206.25.00 (Incl. GST) (Save $68.75)

6 Shells + 18 Organic Inserts + Wetbag

Super Bundle: $302.50 (Incl. GST) (Save $101.20)

9 shells + 27 Organic Inserts + Wetbag



3x Shells $39.60 (Incl. GST) (Save $4.50)




Snaps: Tropical ~ Hemp Leaf

Velcro: Palm Fronds ~ Havana ~ Hibiscus


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Washing Instructions:

1.     Shake waste off the insert into toilet or use a toilet spray attachment to spray solids into the toilet- then flush solids down the toilet. Optional: Hand rinse under laundry tap/hose to remove any excess.

2.     If using disposable bamboo liners, remove the waste by shaking waste into toilet and flush, disposing of the liner in your garbage. Do not flush liners as they are a hazard to the environment and plumbing.

3.     Place soiled insert in a dry bucket (no soaking necessary) until ready to wash.

4.     Short Pre Rinse Cycle - COLD or WARM to remove any solids or excess urine prior to main wash (Detergent Optional). Best to use a rinse cycle that removes the dirty water if possible.

5.     Normal length WARM, LONG or HEAVY cycle (Max 30-60 degrees) with recommended amount of detergent for your load ssize. Can be washed with family washing.

6.     Line dry recommended for items. Tumble-dry INSERTS ONLY on lowest settings. Please do not tumble-dry Nappy Shells due to the nature of the PUL.


Pre-Washing Information:

·      Inserts consisting of natural fibers, such as Hemp/bamboo/cotton, require pre-washing before use, to increase absorbency. They can be used beforehand, but are most absorbent once pre-washing has occurred, minimum 4-6 washes.

·      Pre-washing: Simply wash inserts in a normal cycle 3 - 5 times. (Detergent needed for first cycle only). Don’t dry in between washes. Once washed, remove from machine and stretch all inserts to maximum shape- pulling out ends and pulling out gusset flaps. Allow to completely dry before ready for use.

·      Slight shrinkage with the natural fibre inserts may occur, however they will shrink to correct length needed for the shell snap sockets.

Extra Washing Information:

·      Washing nappies with other items such as clothing is perfectly fine. Just add other items after the pre-rinse cycle has completed.

·      Detergent: “If you can put it on your garden you can put it on your nappies” is the best motto. Avoid highly perfumed or acidic detergents containing citrus or phosphates. Plant Based Detergents may require more to achieve an effective wash.

·      Industry standards state using amount of detergent listed on the detergent packaging for your load size and machine type used.

·      Do not use any detergents containing fabric softeners, optical brighteners or chlorine bleach as these can break down natural fibers or can leave residue on the insert and reduce absorption. Oxygen Bleach can be used on your natural fibre inserts and boosters.

·      Do not use nappy balms or creams containing zinc or petroleum unless using a disposable liner, as these balms will result in residue sticking to the inserts and will reduce absorption.

·      Do not expose the nappy shells to heat over 60 degrees.

·      Do not soak nappies in any solutions such as those containing chlorine or bleach as this will affect lifespan and absorption.

·      Drying in sunlight is the most economical and environmentally conscious option, and also aids to eliminate bacteria and will naturally bleach stains. Avoid leaving too long in direct sunlight once dry, as elastic and fabric may become stiff. Air-drying recommended after some sunshine drying.

·      Line hanging: Avoid too much stress on the leg elastics when drying the shell. Recommended is draping the nappy shell horizontally over the line.