Swim Nappy (OSFM)

Swim Nappy (OSFM)

from 16.50

Available NOW: Hibiscus ~ Havana

Pre-Order NOW: Palm Fronds ~ Hemp ~ Banana Leaf (DUE MID APRIL)


Bare & Boho greatly believe in the importance of little ones being immersed in a culture of water- whether it be ocean or pool, backyard hose or bath! Learning to swim is SO vital, and so are the amazing benefits of playing in water for a child's development.

Although we love the idea of our little ones running free and in the nude, this is not always possible nor often advisable in public areas. So we are so excited to introduce our One-Size-Fits-Most gorgeous Swim Nappies!

Our swim nappies are designed to contain solid waste, but breathable enough for liquids to drain so baby is not weighed down when in the water.



-One Size Fits Most (4kg-17kgs)

-Adjustable sizing at waist and thighs, offering 3x Snap Rise options at the front, and numerous snap options around the waist.

-Double-Row Waist snaps

-Outer shell of designer PUL with a soft inner lining of Super soft mesh Suede-cloth

-Machine washable & reusable

-Trim and adorable designs!


SWIM Single Set: $18.15 (Incl. GST)

1x Swim Nappy

SWIM Double Set: $33.00 (Incl. GST)

2x Swim Nappies

SWIM Wetbag Combo: $33.00 (Incl. GST)

1x Swim Nappy + 1x Large Double-Pocket Wetbag

(Wetbag Options: Hemp, Banana Leaf, Hibiscus, Palm Fronds)

SWIM Ultimate Pack: $49.50 (Incl. GST)

1x Swim Nappy + 1x Large Double-Pocket Wetbag + 1x Changing Mat

(Changing Mat Options: Hemp, Banana Leaf, Aztec Pink, Aztec White, Tropical)


Washing Instructions:

1.     Shake then flush solids down the toilet if needed. Optional: Hand rinse to remove any excess.

2.     Short Pre Rinse Cycle - COLD or WARM to remove any solids or excess urine prior to main wash (No detergent).

3.   Normal length WARM, LONG or HEAVY cycle (Max 30 degrees) with detergent. Can be washed with family washing.

4.     Line dry Only. No bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean and no fabric softener.

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